Experiments in Collage, Sculpture and Painting

Over the course of a month, three more mediums/subjects were explored. Minimal experience with sculpture led to a desire to investigate the craft further. Papier-mâché was used to produce enduring ideas (i.e. a hand emerging from a book, love bomb).


The material was easy to work with when applied on top of a base which allowed it to maintain its shape, but in some instances required a second coat to achieve a smoother surface. The process was therapeutic and in slight contrast to collaging, which, for this artist, required much more patience.

In previous years, paper flowers were combined with original paintings to construct a collage depicting a bouquet. This idea was revisited, though in the future there is still hope to explore this medium in a more surrealist sense. Though cutting out materials entails one to stay in the “present,” tedium sets in when trying to navigate the twists and turns of more complicated patterns. Paying attention to composition is important and can be experimented with further by not gluing items down immediately.

Lastly, a series of birds was created after finding inspiration at an art fair. Previously, birds had been painted in oils when illustrating a children’s book, but this time acrylics were used to manufacture a “watercolor feel.” However, overcommitment to linework did not allow for the softer look originally intended. Additions to this series may be added in a different style should the moment strike.


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