An Exploration of Art Movements

As with personal growth, an artist’s voyage is never finished. Though niches may be found, and skills capitalized upon, for those still in search of creative preference, exploration is necessary.

This series is that exploration in not just the study of the craft, but the emotion brought forth by it.

It was suggested that this “walk through time” be topic confined, but artistically unbridled. After dinner treats were chosen as the rendered objects, painted in acrylics for a show called “Just Desserts”; named for both the subject matter and the honor paid to its style. Though these paintings do not necessarily adhere to every aspect of their movements, they use elements and similarities in an investigation of design while maintaining the freedom of the creator. That is, they pay homage to the movement rather than rigidly copy it in the following forms: Minimalism, Impressionism, Surrealism, Pop, Fauvism, Pointillism, Cubism, Der Blaue Reiter, and Contemporary. You may view this series in the gallery below or at Foolproof Brewery in Pawtucket, Rhode Island though December 2022.


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