Restaurant Paintings

One summer day, a lunch date at a flavorful sushi restaurant gave way to invigorating creativity when it was observed that the walls of the establishment were bare. With amazing dishes and a wonderful location by the water, art was the only thing missing. It was asked whether pieces could be produced for these blank spaces and after seeing some samples of work, the fish paintings were hung in six separate places throughout the venue.

After a year on display, it was decided to refresh the look and with food on the mind from a recent series, the most obvious of all subjects for this setting, sushi, was to be the muse.
These images were made by layering with acrylics. Outlined with a dark gray, a wash of the same was positioned inside the roll upon which lighter brushstrokes of white were arranged until the desired outcome was achieved. You can view these a selection of these paintings at Baba Sushi in Bristol, Rhode Island.

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